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Purchase meeting/event sponsorship

Besides exposure to new ideas through interesting presentations, HESNI events offer a way to meet and get to know other healthcare facility experts and the organizations they represent. Regular membership meetings are consistently well attended by members who want to meet the other individuals and organizations of HESNI. So, if gaining familiarity is one of your company’s goals, becoming a HESNI event sponsor should perhaps be in your future.

All HESN events, besides education, usually involve a social component, because HESNI members want networking opportunities. By becoming a sponsor, you’ll help HESNI present top-notch events designed to attract great attendance. In return, we’ll look for and use every way possible to recognize sponsors, naming them before, during and after the event in meeting notices, signs, website and newsletter.

Event sponsorship costs $500 and is available to all current members. It’s one more way to showcase your company while demonstrating its support for HESNI. For more information, write [email protected].

Purchase meeting/event sponsorship