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Summer Challenge 2020

In 2020’s COVID-19 Crisis and Call for Social Distance, Let’s Respond with…

My Chicago River Day Summer Challenge

Once again HESNI is a proud sponsor of the Friends of the Chicago River and their Chicago River Day in May. HESNI’s community service volunteers have answered the call for this annual environmental cleanup project several times. The mission of FOCR is to improve and protect the Chicago River system for people, plants and animals.

This year to maintain our social distancing during the COVID-19 Crisis, the event will evolve into what has been tagged "My Chicago River Day Summer Challenge." In this unprecedented year, Friends is launching the Summer Challenge, which requests individuals rather than large groups to plan and complete a cleanup event in a location of your choice.

Between May 9 – August 31 pick a location to collect trash with your family or a friend while practicing social distancing. Have you seen a problematic area in your neighborhood, along a trail, property line or waterway? You decide when and where and how many times you want to collect between now and August 31st. Please make sure to check if you need permission to access the land, and wear bright-colored clothing and gloves. It is easiest to pick up trash with a tweezer-style grabber and a 5-gallon pail that you can then empty into a large trash bag. Keep trash and items for recycling separate. After collecting the trash, tell us what kinds of items you found, how many of each, any interesting finds and the weight of your collection, along with some fun photos. Please submit that information to [email protected] and we will pass it along to FOCR.

If you need garbage bags or gloves, contact [email protected] and we will get you set up with supplies for your clean up. Picking up litter may not sound fun, but most people have a great time and come away transformed by the sense of accomplishment from seeing the immediate impact of their effort on the environment. It’s also a great family activity and opportunity to get out of the house and do something rewarding while burning off extra energy. Please be mindful of social distancing! Thank you for making a difference! And remember, stay mindful of your location and cautious of any hazardous material. We look forward to your photos and feedback!

Please check out the link to the Friends website for further details.