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2019 Documents

CEU Certificate – 3rd Qtly Meeting

Delnor Hospital, Sept. 12, 2019

2019 Conference

Conference Keynote Presentation

Dean Prudahl, ASHE President

Conference Attendee List

2019 Annual Conference Hospital Staff

2018 Documents

Feb 2018 Quarterly Meeting Presentation

How to Optimize Energy Usage in Hospital Boiler Plants

2018 Annual Conference

Making a Virtual Statement

Dave Hirschbuehler, Forum Studio

How Broken Pipe Saved Building

2018 Conference Presentation

2018 Conference CEUs

2017 Conference CEUs

2017 Annual Conference

Keynote: Benefits of ASHE

Russ Harbaugh, ASHE President

Joint Commission Update

John Maurer, TJC

2017 Documents

2016 Annual Conference

Keynote: Dale Woodin

Providing Value to the C-Suite

Steam Systems 101

Presentation File

Master Planning Building

Presentation File

IDPH Update

Presentation File

Retail in Healthcare

Presentation File

Joint Commission Update

Presentation File

2016 Documents

Exhibit Space Order Form

For use at 2016 Conference

ASHE Advocacy Update

Chad Beebe Presentation at 3/31/16 HESNI Meeting

2015 Annual Conference

Keynote – Getting the Nerve to Survive & Succeed

2015 Conference Keynote: Joe Serio

Tsunami of Change

Presentation by Tom Stewart, Region V Director

Common Causes of Flooring Failures

Presentation by Emily O'Keefe

Building Enclosure Maintenance

Presentation by Rick Ziegler

Leveraging Natural Gas Rebates

Presentation by Jim Hauser

Energy Savings in Actual Buildings

Presentation by Eric Vandenbrouke & John D'Angelo Jr.

Lean Design Workshop: A Case Study of Success

Presentation by John Sarano & Aaron Shepard

The Joint Commission Update

Presentation by Anne Guglielmo

2015 Documents

Energy to Care Presentation

March 5, 2015 Meeting Program

MCHC/USGBC Invitation

Networking Event Invite

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 188 Legionellosis

Sept. 24, 2015, 3rd Quarterly Meeting

2014 Documents

Exhibit Order Form

Annual Conference Exhibit Space Form

3rd Quarter Meeting Presentation

HCAPS: Opportunity for Facility Professionals

2013 Annual Conference

2013 Quarterly Meetings


2012 Fourth Quarter Meeting



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HESNI Bylaws

Updated Oct 2016

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Fourth Quarter 2015

HESNI Newsletter

3rd Quarter 2015

HESNI Newsletter

2nd Quarter 2015

HESNI Newsletter PDF

First Quarter 2015

HESNI Newsletter

Fourth Quarter 2014

HESNI Newsletter

First Quarter 2014 (PDF)


2020 Documents

Call for Abstracts (2)

Deadline extended

Aug 6 Webinar Presentation

Facility Manager's Toolbox

Golf Guidelines

Handout for 2020 Annual Golf Outing

2021 Documents

Call for Abstracts

Acrobat PDF Flyer

Advocacy Update Webinar Slides

Feb. 5, 2021 Webinar PowerPoint