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Everyone is aware of the difficult challenges now faced by frontline healthcare providers and hospitals as the number of citizens infected with COVID-19 virus grows daily along with the threat that patient loads could exceed available resources to treat the critically ill. 

How is the coronavirus crisis impacting on the varied support roles fulfilled by facility operation and management personnel? We invite HESNI members to reach out to each other in this forum, sharing their observations, experiences, thoughts and suggestions. To begin a new subject thread or add comments to an existing one, please leave your name and email address. For questions, [email protected].

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Tuesday Webinar - Carrier Negative Air HEPA Machines for Hospitals

HESNI Members, If you are currently faced with modifying your existing Healthcare Facility or repurposing any existing facilites...this webinar may be of interest. Brian Monk of Carrier Corporation will be hosting a Webinar Tuesday 4/21 @ 10:00-11:00 am (tomorrow). In order to help hospitals treating patients with COVID-19, Carrier has developed and launched production of a Negative Air Machine named OptiClean. OptiClean is a portable device that isolates, cleans, and removes air potentially contaminated by the virus. In a closed room, the machine uses HEPA filters, and air management systems to remove contaminates, and a flexible ducting to exhaust the filtered air. https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/9178680593966928142 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me @ 630-935-5998. Regards & Be Safe! Doug

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Interesting article on humidity and impact on virus propagation

I hope you find this of interest. Dan https://www.smithgroup.com/perspectives/2020/climate-informed-hvac-increases-in-relative-humidity-may-fight-pandemic-viruses

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How is the current crisis impacting your normal facility operation? What difficulties are now being (or are likely to be) experienced?

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Equipment, Resources

What equipment or materials necessary to do your job are now difficult to obtain due to the pandemic?

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Long-Term Issues

What other issues do you expect could occur in the event the current crisis extends into the summer or beyond?

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