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Everyone is aware of the difficult challenges now faced by frontline healthcare providers and hospitals as the number of citizens infected with COVID-19 virus grows daily along with the threat that patient loads could exceed available resources to treat the critically ill. 

How is the coronavirus crisis impacting on the varied support roles fulfilled by facility operation and management personnel? We invite HESNI members to reach out to each other in this forum, sharing their observations, experiences, thoughts and suggestions. To begin a new subject thread or add comments to an existing one, please leave your name and email address. For questions, [email protected].

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Equipment, Resources

What equipment or materials necessary to do your job are now difficult to obtain due to the pandemic?

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  1. Wendy L. Peterson

    Apr. 9, 2020

    To all full members, please reach out to your vendors for any COVID Rapid Response options. Many products are now on a rapid ship program to support your needs including mobile headwalls, dividers, curtain walls, beds, carts, recliners, etc. Interior Investments has been expanding its rapid response program with more and more products each day. Message me for assistance. Thank you!